Instant weather forecast and rain radar for your location.

  • Eight-day forecast, rain: probability, quantity, duration
  • Weather radar and rain radar
  • Choose locations worldwide
  • Weather widget


Eight-day forecast

The weather for your location is instantly displayed with weather forecast, rain radar or weather radar. Looking at the weather forecast for the next hours and days, you can instantly see if there will be rain or sunshine.

Swipe to the left underneath the radar to see the weather outlook for the coming hours and days.

screenshot 8 days forecast

Weather radar and rain radar

The weather radar shows you where the sun is shining at the moment, or where it is cloudy. you can also see where it is raining, snowing or hailing, and where there is currently thunder and lightning. The extensive details provided by the weather radar also include temperature information.

Choose locations worldwide

Using the search function you can easily find every location and it will automatically be added to your favourites and called up directly. When you tap on the weather radar it will display in a fullscreen view.

screenshot locations

Weather widgets

The 2x1 widget shows the latest weather. The 4x1 and 4x2 widgets provide the latest weather and forecasts. All widgets can be set for your current location or any other place. The colour and transparency of all widgets is adjustable.

screenshot widgets